In the beginning a long long time ago...(well 1969)! there were 4 Chronomatic dial variants, before Jack Heuer allowed Brietling to use the name for their own watches. But for a few months (some call these pre production or prototypes) Monaco 1133B, Autavia 1163T, Autavia 1163MH and Carrera 1153N bore the magic words "Chronomatic", this appeared above the Heuer logo, with the name of the watch (eg Monaco) appearing above the date window. These watches are of historical importance and are extremely rare. They mark the very first to market automatic chronographs which was something of a technoligcal marvel at the time, (although in these days of iphones, we may struggle to understand!)  Less than 10 Chronomatic Monacos, even less 1163T (Siffert) Autavia and only 2 or 3 each of the 1163MH and Carrera have surfaced, making them perhaps one of, if not the most collectable watches from any of the vintage brands.


Click on a link below to look at the various Chronomatic dials in more detail, with a registery page that details the variants we currently know of within the collecting community.

Chronomatic Club

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