One of the rarest Monacos (only the Chronomatic is rarer) this unusual Monaco is PVD coated and driven by the Valjoux 7740 working at 28800 v/h. Considered a grail by some collectors, it's only recently that Jack Heuer confirmed it was a genuine Heuer. In the mid 70s Heuer experimented with several PVD watches, the Monaco variant was either a prototype or very small production run either way it never made it into a catalogue. Issues to look out for on the PVD model (apart from overal PVD condition) include having the correct hands? Some are plain wrong and some are painted, original are best of course, white hands similar to the Silverstone and orange sub register and second hand as shown here. The dial, even though it is black does suffer from seal markings that can be seen in the flesh. The crown, pushers and rear case remain stainless steel and are not PVD'd. Also note serial numbers are not visible except with a loupe, however they should be there and are of the same style as on all other Monacos. Jack Heuer suggested in March 2010 that volume was likely to have been 100-200 units and we only of approx 20 so far (Dec 2010). 30 so far (updated August 2017)

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