1133B Chronomatic

The Chronomatic version of the Monaco was the first, launched in 1969 and in this guise was only available for several months. The Chronomatic label was then deleted when Heuer agreed to sell the name to Breitling. Thereafter the wording Monaco was placed above the Heuer logo and the words "automatic chronograph" appeared where the Monaco wording was on these pics (The model then became what is now known as the transitional, again only available for a few months before the 1133b production model was available with matt dial). The dial is a unique (glossier and brighter than the 1533b dial) metallic blue and the correct hands should be square edged steel with blue lume on the hour markers and hands. The metallic paint was not perfected in these early examples and it is not unusual to see the paint of the dial degrade on some to leave only the base metal. On these examples the phrase "paintless wonder" was coined to describe this aging process. Numbers are low, currently less than 10 are known and only a few of those have mint dials.

Monaco Chronomatic Jun no 2 copy