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With 3 exceptions (Chronomatic, Trans and PVD), all original Monaco hands looklike this. Lume should be creamy or yellowish. Lume is thicker than on the service hands below.

The PVD variant has hands which are similar to the Silverstone. Thick white hands with lume almost running the entore length. Sub register and second hands are unique in their bright orange hue.

The above hands are service hands and fitted to a large proportion of Monacos, changed at some time via a service dept. Lume is thinner and the second hand is slightly longer.

Chronomatic and Trans hands were steel and square edged as here. Chronomatic had blue lume to match the hour dots and Trans had cream. A Trans with normal red stripe hands is worth substantially less.

The pictures below show the correct and acceptable hands for vintage Monacos. Also bear in mind that sub register hands should also look like below, some are occaisonally too thin or the incorrect colour. Some 1533G have Monza sub register hands fitted! Any other variants are incorrect...