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Monaco Timeline

Vintage Heuer Monacos started appearing in 1969 and were sold until approx 1975. According to Jack Heuer total production numbers for this time were in the range of 4000-4500 units, making them extremely rare...

Heuer Monaco Model Year of production Notes
1133B Chronomatic (cal 11 auto) 1969 Metallic dial, square hands and "chronmatic" name.
1133B Transitional (cal 11 auto) 1969 Metallic dial, square hands
1133B (cal 11/12 auto) 1970-74 Steve McQueen classic, matt blue dial
1133G (cal 11/12 auto) 1970-74 Metallic grey dial, grey subs or black subs
1533B (cal 15 auto) 1972-74 Metallic blue dial, white sub
1533G or S (cal 15 auto) 1972-74 Metallic, grey (silver/gold look) denim blue sub
73633B (manual wind) 1972-74 Matt blue dial, 3 white subs
73633G (manual wind) 1972-74 Metallic grey dial, 3 grey or black subs
74033B or G (manual wind) 1974 Matt blue dial, white subs or Grey dial
74033N PVD (manual wind) 1974/75? Matt black dial, PVD case, white hands.