Hour Markers

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Every Moncao ecept the PVD and the Calibre 15 1533 variants should have these hour markers. They are classic flat silver strips with bevelled edges.

Incorrect type of bevelled edges, no doubt about it these are incorrect...

incorrectmarkers incorrectmarkers2

Above hand painted markers are i believe incorrect. This dial closely resembles the poor mans Monacos - the script is not quite the same.

Copy (3) of P1010143

PVD Monacos have applied lume markers directly applied to the dial. These are fragile, of the 8 known at present most have degraded to some degree (as above).

The above hour markers are correct for the calibre 15 1533 variants. The G (above) has black inserts on top and the B has white inserts.


Above long markers are incorrectly bevelled and although waffles are tasty, they donot belong on a vintage Monaco! Often seen and never correct.