I am a collector of vintage Heuer watches and a general enthusiast of all things Heuer. However my real passion is for vintage Heuer Monacos. Within this site I aim to share this passion and discuss the issues relating to them and offer a guide to values (along with a free valuation service). I spend many hours researching the market each week and can draw upon my job as a valuation expert for the UK car market. These watches were unloved during the 1980s and sold in relatively minor numbers back in the 70s (indeed an original production of circa 5000 units for all derivatives seems to be the accepted volume from Heuer experts) when they were on sale from 1969 - 1974/75. Back in the day they appealed to the design conscious individual (acrchitects, engineers, designers etc) and nothing much has changed since, apart from the price (they were available for between $190 and $260 before discount in 1972)!! The values have risen sharply over the past decade and most good examples are now in the hands of collectors. The highest paid currently is the £48000 paid in December 2010 for a 74033N PVD Monaco at a famous London auction house.



One of the most important issue with Monacos is their seals, you will hear me mention this again and again! They often melt and ruin the dial edges and then cause paint peel later. Speaking of the dial, many Monacos offered for sale have re-dials (non original Heuer parts) and it is something to be very wary of, as the value of these watches with these dials is significantly less (the watches are then worth the sum of its parts). We see these re-dials especially on 73633 and 1533 variants, but also 1133Bs. Other important issues are the case condition (whether damaged or polished ie is the original finish still evident) serial numbers and whether or not the original hands are present or service replacements.  Inside the site I will discuss all of this and more...



Anybody requiring a valuation of their Vintage Heuer Monaco, please feel free to send the details over on the Contact / Valuation form. Or if you have one for sale I am always looking to add to my collection whether it be a Monaco or a Carrera/Autavia etc.



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