This exceptionally rare variant was only recently authenticated by Jack Heuer, although it was never officially offered for sale, we now think some were sold to the German/Swiss market. Estimates of numbers produced seem to range between 100-200, however what we do know is that less than 30 are currently known to have survived. It seems to be Heuers trial for the PVD process, of which Heuer was an early adopter. Leftover stainless steel cases from the 74033B/G variants (engraved 740303) were taken and converted for use. Note that the original serials were also coated during the PVD process, and need a strong loupe, and strong lighting to read. As with all Monacos the original seals often melted so dials were often stained, especially around edges. altough he balck dial is best suited of all the Monacos to hide this issue. Everything about the "Dark Lord" is unusual and along with the Chronomatic variant it is the holy grail of Monaco collectors.

PVD Monaco Register

Serial Number:                     Last Known Location/Owner:          


255614                                   UK/RC/Phillips Auction Nov2017

255914                                   UK/Ex AO

255927                                   UK/RC

256016                                   Ex 2010 Bonhams sale /?

256030                                   ?

256033                                   USA/JS

256043                                   Sold in Germany

256047                                   Via Bachman Scher

256064                                   ?/Ex DD      

256295                                   NL/JV

256331                                   UK/SW

256334                                   USA/MK

256364                                   GER/JB    

256371                                   Phillips Auction May 2016      

256373                                   MEX/MF

256384                                   UK/NG

256391                                   ?

256399                                   ?

256414                                   USA/Heuer100 sale

256432                                   USA/JP

256474                                   JAP/NA

256486                                   USA/MK

256510                                   ?

25XXXX                                   UK/JW

25XXXX                                   GER

25XXXX                                   SWISS/TAG Heuer Museum